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POSTED ON: 7th July 2021

Porto Surprise Trip

Find out why a city break to Porto is the perfect surprise trip for foodies and wine lovers. Porto, Portugal’s second city often flies under the radar when it comes to city breaks and stands in the shadows of […]

POSTED ON: 28th April 2021

Surprise Day Out – ATO’s Confidential Surprise Excursions

How we surprised a local group of friends with an unforgettable day trip. ATO’s surprise trips are an easy and exciting way to book an exciting weekend break or even your annual holidays. But if someone fancies a great […]

POSTED ON: 31st March 2021

8 Reasons to Book a Surprise Trip

Find out why you should book your next holiday as surprise trip, and why you should book with ATO TOURS.     1. Excitement of the Unknown Everyone loves a surprise. And if this surprise combines itself with a […]

POSTED ON: 18th November 2020

How to surprise someone with a holiday – And make it a success!

Like what it is like to surprise someone else with a holiday...

POSTED ON: 3rd July 2020

Surprise Holiday Booking

A look behind the scenes at ATO. Read the script of a Confidential Surprise Holiday booking here...

POSTED ON: 22nd April 2020


The concept of a Surprise Trip where I am not knowing my destination is or let’s say was completely beyond me.

POSTED ON: 9th January 2019


A review of our surprise holiday weekend in Bremen.

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