ATO's F.A.Q.

here are some common questions about travelling with us.


Why should I book with ATO-TOURS?

If you want a unique holiday especially designed for you, then look no further. All our tours are unique and seamlessly crafted putting your wishes first. Whether you choose to book on of our tailor-made tours or the confidentials, we are creating all our tours with passion bringing in our knowledge and experience.

What accommodation are you going to book for me?

Should you opt for a tailor-made tour, we are going to discuss your ideal accommodation option. We have a huge portfolio from where we can find your ideal stay. Hotels, apartments, cottages, home stays, small b&b’s or even house boats, ATO-TOURS always aims to meet your expectations. If you choose a to go ahead with a confidential tour, we will always book a hotel for you considering your budget without compromising on the quality. It is natural that the more you will spend the more you will get, however we are not just choosing the cheapest options for you.

Can I get restaurant or sightseeing tips from you?

Yes of course. We can either book a specific restaurant for you or advise you where to go. Whether you wish to dine in a Michelin star restaurant, try a local meal in a relaxed atmosphere, tuck in the latest street food inventions or dine at home of a local family to experience ultimate authenticity, we can arrange it for you. When it comes to sightseeing, our team of local experts will happily share their knowledge with you. While you will find the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin by yourself, we can tell you where to find backstreet art galleries, a spot to rest and relax or a club to dance the night away.

Where are the tours going to and do I need a visa?

All our tours will stay within Europe. If you hold a British passport, you won’t need a visa. To be on the safe side, we will ask you for your passport details before going ahead with the booking. If you are interested in an overseas/non-European holiday we are happily going to forward your request to one of our partner operators.

Is there a minimum number of people required for the tours to go ahead?

No, you can travel solo and we won't even charge you a Single supplement.

Can I cancel my booking?

It always depends how much in advance you wish to cancel your tour and for what reason. Please see our terms & conditions for more detailed information.

When do I have to pay for my holiday?

We always require a deposit before you start your tour. The amount depends on what tour you have chosen to book with us and how far in advance you made the booking. Please also see our terms & conditions for more details.


Where will we go, I would like to have some information about the destination. Can you give me a hint?

The excitement of not knowing where the tour will go to is part of your holiday. The experience will begin once you have confirmed your booking. Tension and anticipation will rise the sooner the departure date approaches, mounting in the arrival of the confirmation pack you will receive from us. Once the secret has been lifted, you will look even more forward to start your tour. Having finally arrived in your destination ATO-TOURS will do its utmost to make sure that will have a great time. However, if you feel in need of more control, please contact us for an idea for our tailor-made tours.

How do I get my tickets?

ATO-TOURS will send you all travel documents 7 days prior to departure.

What if I have confirmed the booking and don’t like the destination you have booked for me?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change it. We encourage you to trust our knowledge and experience to provide a perfect holiday for you. However, you can exclude up to 3 destinations in the questionnaire.

What do I have to pack or bring with me?

We will tell you 7 days in advance where the journey will go to, so plenty of time to pack your suitcase.

What is included in the booking?

ATO-Tours always guarantees you travel and accommodation arrangements. The standard naturally depends to a certain extend on your budget. Local transport, guides, meals or sightseeing activities are usually excluded, but can be arranged without revealing too much about the destination. We will however always share our in-depth destination knowledge with you to make sure, you will have a unique experience.

How long are these tours?

It is ultimately down to you but we recommend a minimum of 2 nights.

I am not sure if this is suitable for me.

Our Confidentials are suitable for everyone who enjoys an adventure. Families, couples, friends, work colleagues, hen and stag parties, clubs, associations or just yourself, we believe that everyone likes the attraction of the unknown. Not to forget it is a time saving and stress free way of organising your next holiday.

Tailor-Made Tours

What kind of tailor-made tours can I book?

ATO-TOURS arranges all kinds of tours you want us to arrange. Weekend breaks, fully guided and driven tours, shopping trips, nightlife and club tours, arts and cultural visits, nature and solitude calmers, high end spa getaways or international football trips; versatility is our strength. Please also see some of sample tours or just get in touch with us and we will discuss your requirements.

Is it expensive?

It all depends on your budget. A 5 stars hotel in Munich will be more expensive than a mountain cottage in Tyrol, but ATO-TOURS always aims to find the right product for you and we guarantee to stay to 100% within your budget. There are no hidden costs when you book with us.

Can I book my own flights?

Yes, that is no problem. Our tour will at your arrival airport.

Is it possible change the itinerary during the tour?

While our focus lies on travelling at your own speed, hotel reservations can’t always be cancelled free of charge at short notice. Should the accommodation not be affected, detours of the itinerary, longer breaks, lunch stops or alternative activities en route can almost always be done. Our back-office staff will do its best to arrange everything possible.

Do I have to book a driver and/or a tour guide?

Definitely not. It’s completely up to you if you wish to book a full-time guide, a local guide for a city tour, just follow our tips or choose to do your own guiding. We also leave it you if you want to be driven or drive yourself. Take your own car or why not test drive the latest Porsche model which we will arrange for you?

I would like to discuss my plans in person, can we meet?

If you are based in or around London, we can meet you in person. We have an initial talk over a coffee, come to your office, meet you in your lunch break or have a drink after work and discuss your holiday plans. ATO-TOURS puts the customer first and every client regardless the budget will receive an individual consultancy.

Let’s start planning your holiday together