Chernobyl Tour

valid Until 31/12/2019

Chernobyl Tour + Kiev City Break

Visit Chernobyl, the place synonym with the one of the biggest nuclear disasters in the world and have an eye-opening experience.

30 years later later Chernobyl is emerging as one of the planet’s hottest tourism thanks to the brilliant  HBO TV series “Chernobyl”.  ATO Tours takes you on a unique experience, completely off the beaten track.

See the abandoned city of Pripyat, as well an observation point around 300 meters away from the New Safe Confinement, a massive steel sarcophagus that covers the remains of the nuclear reactor.

View abandoned homes, shops, schools and hotels; walk the empty streets. Feel the eerie atmosphere of deserted playgrounds and amusement parks. Spy the wildlife that has moved back in after the humans fled.

Try to grasp this unique sense of calmness and catastrophe on your Chernobyl tour.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Kiev and taken as part of a small group or individually to the scene of the disaster.
Spend one night in Chernobyl itself and gain an insight into the complete picture of the Chernobyl story, from the past to the present.
NOTE: The radiation they visitors are exposed to on a tour is less than on an intercontinental flight.
(If you’re wondering how much radiation that is, we’re talking less than a chest x-ray).
We recommend to combine it with a city break to Kiev, Ukraine’s glorious capital.
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Brief Itinerary and tour highlights

  • Return flights from UK
  • 2 nights in a centrally located hotel in Kiev
  • Personal Chernobyl tour including 1 night stay
  • All transfers
  • Fully guided

Prices start from £299 per person.