Solo Travel

valid Until 31/12/2019

Solo Travel

Solo Travel

Travelling solo is fantastic. It is total freedom and the times where only people who don’t have anyone to travel with head out on their own are long gone. So there’s no need to worry, be independent and free spirited.

It’s time to celebrate everything amazing about solo travel!

But why pay more? ATO believes that it’s time to stop punish people for travelling on their own. Therefore we have skipped all Single Supplements for your trips. Whether you go on one of our Confidentials or on a tailor-made holiday you won’t have to pay anything more for your hotel room.

Additionally we can arrange private guides for you, book your activities specially tailored for the solo traveller and arrange all transfers! Embrace local experiences such as cooking classes or meet a local, you’ll get a real feel for the local culture.

And if you really feel like mixing with others, we will tell where to meet other travellers.

Plus we give you tons of tips what to do in your destination.

Get in touch for more details and bags of travel inspiration!

Brief Itinerary and tour highlights

  • No Single Supplements
  • Individually designed itineraries
  • Tips and tricks from packing to sightseeing