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Top 5 cities for a winter break in Europe. We all love a summer holiday but there’s special about a winter break too. Wrap up warm, stroll through beautiful, cobbled streets, enjoy magnificent scenic landscapes, escape the crowds and get some really special travel deals.


We have put together this list of cities you might not have had on your radar for your next trip. And boy you should see them!

  1. Gdansk – the stunningly beautiful capital of the Pomorskie region in Poland is a gem. Set by the Baltic Sea the preserved medieval old town fascinates every visitor. It oozes with history from as early as the 10th century all the way through to modern times when the famous ship workers brought down the Iron curtain. Distances are short and it is the perfect city break.
  2. Stockholm – the Swedish capital has all you can ask for your winter break. Wrap up warm and explore the winter wonderland. Warm up with a typical Swedish coffee + pastry break in one its many small cafes. Go the museums and art galleries spread all over town. Or take a boat tour on one the many canals surrounding, crossing and bypassing the city.
  3. Lucerne – the Swiss gem nestled along the Lake Lucerne is awesome. Enjoy the glorious scenery and experience first class Swiss hospitality. Come in summer and you will probably have to remortgage your house, but in Winter this special place comes at bargain prices. Take a short train ride to Engelberg for some day pass skiing or stroll along the shores seeing the sun go down against a marvellous alpine backdrop.
  4. Seville – the is crown jewel of Andalusian cities is marvellous. And you should in fact travel in winter Unless you like roasting in temperatures way of 40 degrees in summer or being overrun by hordes of tourists in spring. Seville is superb with its mazed set of streets and buildings dating back centuries. Explore its cathedral, palace, have a Flamenco lesson and tuck in some fantastic Andalusian food.
  5.  Athens – the home of the Acropolis gets often overlooked when it comes to city breaks. It is however worth to look again! Athens is home of countless archaeological sites and museum. It has a vibrant atmosphere and offers fantastic value for money. Experience Athens fantastic coffee and food scene, its street art and relax in one of its many tavernas. Enjoy the slow pace and give your stressful lifestyle a short break while trawling through 1000 years of history.

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Prices start from £179 per person for any of these excellent and off the radar winter breaks.

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