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posted on: 22 April, 2020



Bring it on!

Right, I am an absolute control freak and hate having things not under my control. Especially when it comes to holiday planning. So, the concept of a Surprise Trip where I am not knowing my destination, is or let’s say was completely beyond me. No way Jose! That’s what I told my sister when she came up with the idea of going on one with her best mate and me for her next birthday. To save the family peace and as we didn’t know where to go anyway, I eventually gave in. What the heck, it’s only for a weekend. What could go wrong? Cringe…

So, after quickly filling in ATO’s questionnaire (hey ho, I can exclude places- I am back in charge), they quickly followed up with an email trying to find out a little more about us. And that was it. Surprise Trip organised in 10! Hm, oddly simple and quite satisfying. is that it? Yes it was. I felt at ease!

Job Done

But next oh my word. The agonisingly long wait until our destination got revealed send me from almost nervous breakdown down to memory lane when I was a kid waiting for Christmas. Cruel but so exciting!!!

On the big day when their letter with all our documents (tickets, hotel voucher, airport taxi, Atol thingy, info material etc.) arrived, I quickly gathered the girls for a revelation do with a bottle of Prosecco (ok, 3). Needless to say, I was the ceremony master and greeted them with a big smirk. Aaaannnddd your surprise trip goes to…..CATANIA, SICILY!!!


Wowsers, not in a million years I’d thought of going there. But we are all food crazy and like the odd vino in the sun. And I had 7 days to do my beloved prep. Winner, winner and so on.

And to give it away right away. The weekend was awesome. They send us tons of tips on where to eat, drink, dance and relax. The hotel was a beauty too and the place is totally amazing guys!

Next to a volcano, overlooking the sea, it is a bit chaotic but really beautiful. Full of old squares, small palaces and loads of small restaurants serving delicious sea food. Vino galore at good rates makes every trip a winner too! And did I mention the beach with loads of bars?!

We had a brilliant time and the idea to let someone else over my fate has now grown onto me. Honestly, it is not just a once in a lifetime thing. I love it!

Catania ATO Confidential







ATO Catania Trip


ATO Surprise Trip Catania













Oh, and as it was all within our budget, I could collect the money from everyone upfront. No arguments or hidden costs afterwards.

Tempted? Well you should be. I am already looking forward to my next Surprise Trip!

Get yourself one too: https://ato-tours.com/confidential-tours-surprise-holidays/




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