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Brilliant Bundesliga. A Tailor Made football tour Germany.

With a tailor-made and fully ticketed Bundesliga trip, ATO-TOURS gives you an unprecedented German football experience.

Become a part of Borussia Dortmund’s famous “Yellow wall” jumping up and down Europe’s largest standing terrace. Dortmund is also known as the beer capital of Germany allowing you plenty of opportunities to taste and enjoy the “local dish”. See their chronic underachieving neighbours Schalke 04 in their impressive football dome where they’ve started host Biathlon events in the winter free football period. Like it low key and gritty but nevertheless cool, see the “Germany’s grey mouse”. The VFL Bochum, tucked right in the middle between two Ruhr giants.

Check out the “Old lady” Hertha BSC at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin’s only Bundesliga team. Or head towards the Eastern suburbs to see Union Berlin with their loyal followers. When finances and outlook looked bleak, they lend their hands to rebuild the stadium! With plenty of things to do, sites and monuments galore you should really turn your trip into a long weekend.

Pay the Hamburger SV, Germany’s only team never to get relegated a visit. Go to the unique and world famous for its alternative fan scene, FC St Pauli. Either way Hamburg’s bustling nightlife will keep you up till dawn. Perfect to pay the fish market a visit!

Obviously, the FC Bayern Munich, the German powerhouse must be on this list too. The beautiful capital of Bavaria is a tourist hotspot and always worth a visit. Then there’s the VFB Stuttgart, highly recommend when their version of the Oktoberfest is taking place right next to the stadium.

The 70’s giants FC Koeln and Borussia Moenchengladbach will also amaze you with their fantastic atmosphere. A great old town with plenty of breweries awaits you in Cologne for some post-match celebrations regardless the result.

Not to mention, Eintracht Frankfurt with their crazy fans turning the Waldstadion into a nuthouse week in week out. Like it cosy, then get in touch for a tailor-made trip to the Black Forest capital, Freiburg. Their fans are known for being extremely welcoming to visitors from abroad. Just be careful when offered their local cocktail. An unrecognisable mixture of the local brew, some raspberry juice topped up with brandy! For the walk shy, we recommend a tour to Werder Bremen. With their ground being in right next to the pub laden old town, you won’t have to walk far to get back to your hotel.

A Tailor Made football tour Germany to see the Bundesliga is just a wonderful thing to do. The tickets are generally cheap in comparison to the UK with a starting price for a standing ticket of around 15eur. They also usually come with free transport within the city limits too. And you can have a beer while watching the beloved game. To top it all up, you can combine your trip with some sightseeing and turn it into a long weekend. ATO will give you a detailed and easy plan on how to get from your hotel to the stadium. We will also tell where to have a beer before and after the matches and tailor your sightseeing programme for your trip. As always with ATO-TOURS, you set the budget and we guarantee to stay within it. What are you waiting for?

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Brief Itinerary and tour highlights

Brief itinerary and tour highlights:

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