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Ayrshire and the Isles of Arran

A Tailor Made Scotland  Tour let’s you discover your ancestral roots and see the stunning nature of Ayrshire and the Isles of Arran. (Please note this tour is self drive). Located on the shores of the Firth of Clyde, easy to reach in just 1h hour south of Glasgow. We are in Robert Burns land, the world-wide celebrated national poet of Scotland.

Culzean Castle

Visit his birthplace before heading to the spectacular Culzean Castle and Country Park. This magnificent site stands on a dramatic clifftop surrounded by 600 acres of stunning countryside. The views are fascinating. Then follow Eisenhower’s foot-steps. Local authorities gifted him an apartment in the castle for his achievements in World War 2. The apartment operates now as a 6-bedroom bed and breakfast. Moreover you could also stay in a rural cottage within the castle grounds. To unwind, visit a countryside pub, where your forefathers might have had a drink. Alternatively go ghost-hunting at the castle.

Ghosthunting – To dare is to do

A ghostly piper mischiefes his way around the castle. Visitors sometimes hear him skirting away on stormy nights.  He seems to like it around the old Piper’s Brae and also by the ruined church. There were also several strange apparitions within the castle itself. Above all visitors spotted the figure of a woman in a ball gown near in the state rooms. In addition several witnesses reported the sight of a strangely, vague apparition in one of the corridors.

Culzean Castle also involves a wonderfully gruesome tale so typical of Scottish history. The Earl of Cassilis, keen to obtain new land, took Allan Stewart the Commendator of Crossraguel Abbey down to the dungeons. There he roasted him near to death over a spit until he agreed to sign the Abbey lands over to him. This accounts for the sound of a crackling fire and agonising screams. On occasion visitors report that they have heard them coming from the depths of the castle vaults.


On the following day you will see the unique Kelburn Castle. Brazilian artists gave it an almost complete makeover. Since then it’s one of most unusual and quirky places to visit on your tailor made Scotland tour. Its park boasts of natural beauty with deep gorges. Nearby lies the famous Kelburn Glen which is the perfect place for a walk through an historical garden. Or let your mind ease with a walk along the clifftops. Take your time and unwind. The next stop on your tailor made Scotland tour is picturesque village of Kirkmichael. Experience the simple beauty and peacefulness of Scottish country life.

Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park

End the day with a visit to the Scottish dark sky observatory in the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park. Stargazing provides you with an everlasting memory of pure beauty. A stunning way to end your Tailor Made Scotland Heritage Tour.

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Brief Itinerary and tour highlights

  • 5 nights in a personally vetted guesthouse our country side hotel
  • Robert Burns National Heritage Park
  • Culzean Castle and Country Park entrance fees
  • Kelburn Castle entrance fees
  • Dark sky observatory experience
  • Isles or Arran excursion
  • Fully bonded & insured
  • Flexible cancellation policies
  • Car rental options

As an optional extension to your journey we recommend a visit to the Isles of Arran. These are not to be confused with the Aran Islands in Ireland. They are however no less spectacular.

The Isles of Arran, also called “Miniature Scotland” combine tranquil beauty of the southern lowlands with the spectacular features of the Highlands.

Relatively unspoilt from modern tourism, albeit easy to reach within 1 hour of Glasgow, the Aran Island are a truly unique destination.

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