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posted on: 23 March, 2018

Travel on the beaten track – Do what makes you happy

Travel on the beaten track – Do what makes you happy!

Not sure where to go on your next holiday? Worried it might not be “off the beaten track”?

Then travel on the beaten track, please.

Travel on the beaten track. Reading through newspapers and travel blogs, there’s a massive hype about travelling “off the beaten track” going on. And in general, there’s nothing wrong with it. Having insider tips for destinations, finding something unusual is for many turning a holiday into an experience, but not for all. All too often this is becoming a burden to the traveller who even feels ashamed of visiting the “obvious” sites.

This is to remind you that you don’t need to “travel off the beaten track” to have an authentic holiday experience.


Being for the first time in Paris and are not sure where to go? See the Eiffel Tower. Go on a hop on bus tour and see the Louvre, Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.

Your tailor-made holiday isn’t worth anything less if you don’t do the exact opposite of a popular thing.

Do the obvious if it makes you happy and don’t be ashamed of it.

Eiffel Tower Paris from a different perspective


You were given a surprise trip to London? Then please ignore people telling you haven’t experienced London if haven’t been to the latest roof top bar or pop up vintage shop.

Besides that you can still have an authentic experience. Meet locals and make genuine connections in a pub next to Tower Bridge. First and foremost Londoner’s are eating, drinking and partying in the city centre too.

See Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Buckingham Palace. Because they are great sites.

Surprise Holidays to London

Not to mention this works vice versa too. If venturing out to the fringes searching for something quirky and unusual is your thing, do it. Most important is that you enjoy holiday. And do join our Facebook London Travel Tips group for the latest info and insider tips.


Venice is one of the most romantic and amazing places in the world. Again, don’t be put off by “Venice? How cheesy” comments. Take a picture with the Rialto bridge in the background. Get on a gondola to tour the Grand Canal or feed the pigeons on the St. Mark’s Square.

Surprise Holidays to Venice

Venturing away from the norm doesn’t make any experience any more valid.

To sum it up, doing the opposite of something, simply because it’s the opposite still means someone else is deciding what not to do.

Just remember, it is your holiday and ATO would like to book it for you!

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